Mercy Center’s Spiritual Director’s Training

Spiritual Direction involves a dialogue between God, the directee and the director. We can met God in all circumstances of life. Spiritual direction deals with a person's relationship with God, the ramifications in life of this relationship and the conversion process. The director helps the directee to capture and interpret the significant movements, countermovements, and changes in his or her inner daily experiences. The director also helps the directee to move with and act upon the experiences of consolation and to endure with patience the unavoidable experiences of desolation. The Summer Institute is an opportunity to learn, develop and renew skills necessary to practice the art of spiritual direction. The Institute is designed to examine various methodologies such as Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, Dreams and Mandala and to integrate them as tools for spiritual direction. The experiential sessions combine lecture, peer supervision, theological reflection, Group Spiritual Direction, and role/real play.

Topics Include and not limited too:

  1. Compassion Carrying the Oils of Gladness & Joy

  2. Spiritual Direction Inventory, Group Spiritual Direction, Guided Retreats, Disclosure Statement

  3. Bonding and Building Trust, Movement and Countermovement within the Spiritual Direction Relationship

  4. Personal Growing Edge and Professional Boundaries

  5. Peer Supervision: Real Play and Role Play

  6. Spiritual Development & Models of Formation

  7. Discernment and Choice-making

  8. Code of Ethics: Do's and Don't's for Spiritual Directors

  9. Listening Heart with Tender Mercy: Storytelling

  10. Purpose and Goals of Spiritual Direction

  11. History of Spiritual Direction: Personal and Historical Encounters

  12. Silence, Solitude and the Contemplative Way

  13. Guided Retreats: Tools and Techniques

  14. Spiritual Blocks and Stumbling Stones

  15. Consolation and Desolation

  16. Termination & Referrals

Spiritual Direction Training Program - Residential Program held in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA every July


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