Pastoral Leadership


A two-week personal and professional renewal intensive for men and women who are pastors, provincials, principals, pastoral associates, pastoral staff providers, deacons and parish leaders.

The Pastoral Leadership Intensive is a unique and innovative program that has been designed to provide personal and professional growth experiences for leaders and potential leaders. The program design includes the combination of small group sharing, classroom lectures, videos and one-on-one spiritual direction. The program goal is to provide each participant with a pastoral leadership assessment with professional applications that will empower and renew each pastoral leader so that they can return to their pastoral work renewed and invigorated.

Professional Leadership Profiles and

Your Personal Health Care Plan

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation-Behavior)

The California Personality Inventory

(These procedures will be mailed to you after your application has been accepted. You will have five-working days to complete the instruments and return to the Mercy Center.)

Other Assessment Experiences May Include

  1. The Four Basic Types of Pastoral Leadership

  2. The Four Feminine and Masculine Archetypes

  3. The Management-Leadership Continuum

  4. Mandala Assessment on Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses

  5. The Intimacy Inventory

  6. How to Create a Health Care Plan

  7. The Four-Qualities of a Healthy Organization

  8. The 20 Internal Assets and 20 External Assets for Effective Living

  9. The Adult Life Skills Needed for Living Life to the Full

  10. Topics Provided During the Two-Week Course May Include

  11. Ministry Burn-Out and How Not to Make An Ash of Yourself

  12. Qualities of Work Addiction and Recovery

  13. Dysfunctional Family, Church and Organization: Moving Towards Recovery

  14. How to Be a Paradigm Pioneer

  15. Theology of the Body and The Art of Self Care

  16. A Design for Wholeness and Well-Being

  17. Shared Personal and Professional Experiences of Pastoral Leadership

Pastoral Leadership Intensive

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